Deepend films is a multimedia independent production company specialising in original films, documentaries, television series and short films. Clockwork Media was appointed in May 2014 to launch the release of ‘Outsider’ – a documentary based on the life of internationally-renowned artist, Beezy Bailey.

Clockwork Media was appointed by Deepend Films with the mandate to promote the film in relevant lifestyle, arts and business media pre- and post-release.

Clockwork Media successfully hosted two premieres of the film in Cape Town’s The Labia theatre and at Johannesburg’s the Cinecentre in Killarney Mall, to showcase the film to the identified guests.
The events were led by a media and influencer desk drop campaign, where prominent journalists and social media players received limited edition, signed and personalised prints from Beezy Bailey with their invitations to the screenings.

The Result
Both screenings were attended in great numbers and the film received several pre- and post-placements in notable media, blogs and social media platforms, with the likes of Dion Chang and Jen Su promoting the film.
Elle Décor, Expresso, Mail & Guardian are some of the media that reviewed the film, interviewed Beezy Bailey and covered the launch of the ‘Outsider’.


‘Outsider’ Launch – Deepend Films